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Within 3D-Side, I exercise two main roles: production manager and cranioplasty products designer.


I'm in charge of the production flow of the elements marketed by 3D-Side, from the end of the design until the shipment to the hospital. The manufacturing, the maintenance, the continuous improvement, … are parts of my daily job.


For the cranioplasty, I develop virtually the products based on the medical images from the patients before to send it to the production.


Organization, autonomy but also rigor and accuracy are needed qualities to succeed all these tasks.


What I really appreciate at 3D-Side is the possibility to give my advice and that this one can have a real impact on the development of the society. I also enjoy the diversity of my function. Each day is different and I often lose the track of time!


My interest for the biomedical field comes from my studies. To succeed my master in mechanical engineering, I realized a master thesis in collaboration with a surgeon from the Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc. This thesis combined 3D printing and medical devices.


Beside my professional life, I have several hobbies. I'm an adept of the “Do It Yourself” and I really like to spend time to tinker things at home or in the garden. I'm also a fan of sports, overall of sport challenges that allow to surpass myself and to clear my mind.



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