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Reinventing the patient specific process: How to enable mass customization.


Based on 10 years of patient-specific medical devices production, 3D-Side developed Customize, an online SaaS solution, to help manufacturers shift from standard to custom-made medical devices.

With Customize, consider each case individually to reach efficiency and quality with unprecedented precision. It is all you need to interconnect people and control all your data and processes.



  • Avoid back-and-forth communication
  • Plan online your surgery in 3D
  • Gather all the needed information

Interact creates a great customer experience with a smoother and easier communication with medical team. It meets the customer's needs to visualize and adapt the patient-specific planning, anywhere and anytime from any device, and share it with their patients or fellow colleagues. It establishes a secure and efficient communication channel.

  • Zero back-and-forth
  • Online surgical 3D planning
  • All information gathered in one secured place


  • Automate the design
  • Facilitate your design process
  • Automatic image segmentation
  • MRI and CT-scan image matching
  • 3D-Side engineering services

Create is a technical toolbox for engineers and surgeons willing to hands on the process. it has been developed to fit your application, with tweaked algorithms specifically developed for you. With this module, you perform process operations from patient's medical images and generate 2D/3D content in an efficient way.

  • Automate the design by using algorithms specifically defined for your application to facilitate your design process (automatic measurements, mesh operations, labels, etc.).
  • Image segmentation by an automatic detection or manual contouring of bony structures and metal artifact. Everything becomes possible.
  • Image matching with our MRI to CT matching algorithm. Try to merge two modalities.
  • Let us do the design and benefit from 3D-Side engineering services for your product design (generation of ready-to-print files or alternatively the 3D-printed product itself).


  • Quality management
  • Certification process
  • Full traceability
  • Data centralization
  • Generate Device History Files and labels
  • Track every move
  • Preview your process at a glance
  • Optimize the logistics
  • Boost your Quality and ERP systems

Supervise facilitates the quality management and your certification process by enabling a full traceability of data and actions.
Supervise ensures a just-in-time delivery by assisting the design & production management. It summarizes the patients and their status in the pipeline to monitor production deadlines and delivery times, acting as a Production ERP.

Data centralization

  • Store administrative documents
  • Automatically generate Device History Files and Labels

Track every move

  • Automatically follow every step of your customized process to ensure an easy certification

Preview your process at a glance

  • Create your customized process & follow your to-do list
  • Automate some of your steps

Optimize the logistics

  • Optimize your physical and data flows
  • Optimize your inventory
  • Follow up with your distributors

Boost your Quality & ERP systems!


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