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Cement cranial implant (patient)

SkullPT Patient specific implant and instrumentation

Based on the patient's medical images, the mold is manufactured by 3D printing and delivered at the hospital for final sterilization. 

In the operating theater, the surgeon manufactures the implant by introducing bone cement into the mold. Within a few minutes only, the implant is ready to be fixed into the patient by any way at all.

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  • 3D accuracy & reduced time in the OR
  • Cost effectiveness (full coverage by the INAMI/RIZIV)
  • No thermal effect
  • Fast design & delivery
  • Adaptability in the OR
  • Easy fixation & central suspension if needed
  • Postoperative image compliance
  • Gentamicin integrated
  • Multiple copies in the OR
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How it works

  • Start now : The surgeon sends his images through « Start now ! ».
  • 3D Planning : Within 24 hours, the 3D reconstruction and the cranial implant design are sent to the surgeon. 
  • Custom mold : After the surgeon's approval, the custom mold and accessories are delivered 10 days later at the hospital for final sterilization.
  • Molding : In parallel to the surgical approach, bone cement is introduced into the mold. After approximately 15 minutes, the implant is ready to be unmolded and validated on the biocompatible model of the patient's skull.
  • Adaptation & implantation : the surgeon can, if needed, adapt the implant to the patient and fix it using any fixation system.

Complex shapes

For every cranial defect, SkullPT enables a highly precise skull reconstruction in a very limited amount of time and the capacity to adapt the implant by milling.

Complex shapes (e.g. bifrontal implants) can be easily and accurately reconstructed using SkullPT.  

Adaptive SkullPT

Adaptive SkullPT

In case of a resection & reconstruction, a cranialisation or a low quality CT-scan, the cranial defect cannot be precisely determined before the surgery. As patient-specific implants cannot adapt themselves to the reality of the patient's anatomy, their utilisation is compromised in those situations.

In order to solve this issue, 3D-Side has established an alternative cranioplasty system : Adaptive SkullPT, a fast & accurate reconstruction guide to shape the cranial implant into the real patient. This guide is preoperatively designed based on the patient's medical images and manufactured by 3D printing.

In the operating theater, the surgeon creates the implant by placing bone cement on the guide and by shaping it directly on the patient's head. The implant is then finalised outside the patient to avoid any thermal effect.

Adaptive SkullPT enables a highly precise skull reconstruction : the implant is created & adapted in situ and fits perfectly on the defected zone, all that at a low cost and in a very short lead time!

Our Case Studies


In numerous situations, it may be necessary to repair cranial defects by means of cranial implants. These defects can arise from traumas,...

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