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3D Model Patient specific anatomical model

An anatomical model illustrates extremely precisely the anatomy of a specific patient, with the aim of planning and discussing the surgery much more easily.

First, the reconstruction of the patient's anatomy is performed based on the patient's medical images. Then, the models are produced by means of high-tech 3D printing to provide the surgeon with sterilizable and biocompatible models of the patient. Those models can therefore be used inside the operating room, assisting the entire surgical team.

To what extent can the surgical team use a patient-specific anatomical model ? To analyze a situation, simulate & plan the surgery, select osteosyntesis material, support a staff meeting, communicate with the patient ...


  • Biocompatible and sterilizable : bring our anatomical model with you inside the operating theatre
  • Accuracy : latest 3D printing technology is used under ISO13485 which enables a reliable and accurate result
  • Flexibility : our team of engineers can help you before the manufacturing with a dedicated 3D planning to augment 3D model functionalities
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How it works

  • Start now : The surgeon sends his images through « Start now ! ». Indicate the area of interest and the objective of the model.

  • 3D Planning : Within 24 hours, the virtual 3D reconstruction is sent to the surgeon. 

  • 3D model : After the surgeon's approval, the anatomical model is manufactured and delivered in the next days.

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