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Bone tumor Resection

Based on image analysis (Ct and MRI), the bone tumor is located accurately. The cutting trajectories are chosen including a user-defined safe margin. A patient-specific instrument is then manufactured by 3D printing and delivered at the hospital for final sterilization.
In the operative theater, it finds its unique position onto the bone thanks to the specific surface. Then, the saw blade is guided by its flat surface.


  • Decrease the local recurrence rate
  • Accurate location of the tumor
  • 3D visualization of the target
  • Control over the safe margin
  • Accuracy during cuttings
  • Preserve nerves and insertions
  • Several reconstruction modalities available
  • Reduced time in the OR
  • Sterilizable bone models
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How it works

  • Start now: Send your images using the red button "Start now!"
  • Tumor delineation: Draw the bone tumor on the MRI
  • Tumor Location: We merge the MRI and the CT and reconstruct the 3D shapes
  • Resection planning: Cutting trajectories are planned according to your needs
  • Instrument: A design is proposed to fit with the surgical situation
  • Sterilise and use it: You use the instrument and the bone models in the operation room.

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