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3D-Side is a medical technology company which took up the challenge to link surgeons to 3D technology! Thanks to 3D software, additive manufacturing and strong knowledge of the surgical field, 3D-Side set up a complete ISO13485 workflow to plan complex interventions and provide surgeons with cranial implants or advanced solutions for bone surgery.


The challenge resided in how to bring latest 3D technology into the surgical world or, more concretely, how to design and manufacture just-in-time what the surgeons precisely need?
After years of industrialization and with the aim of being efficient, improve traceability and get high satisfaction from customers, 3D-Side developed Customize, a web-based Software as a Service solution (SaaS) consisting of 3 modules:


  • A communication tool to interact easily with surgeons
  • A design program to create custom-made instruments or implants
  • A production management interface to supervise the just-in-time manufacturing.


3D-Side’s products have already proven the platform efficiency by making their processes much more efficient, holding out the same promise for the working practices of other manufacturers.


Using Customize will enable them to efficiently commercialize custom-made medical devices, while also allowing surgeons to easily send medical images, visualize the 3D surgical planning and supervise the engineering work through a secured channel, with as main objective to have everything ready for the surgery.

Laurent Paul


I am Co-founder of 3D-Side and PhD in biomedical Sciences. My main task is managing the company and also making some bone tumor planning.

I'm a regular badminton player and AS Monaco fan.

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Khanh Tran Duy


I am a mechanical engineer, PhD in applied Sciences and hold a master in business management.

Co founder of 3D Side, I am in charge of neurosurgery applications.

Passionate by Design and creativity.

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Eric Debleumortier

IT Manager

Graduated as IT specialist, I love coffee!

But I am also responsible for the entire IT infrastructure at 3D-Side.

Here is a quote that sums up my daily work :

 "If everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough."

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Christine Kinet

Business Development Manager

I am biomedical engineer from Université Catholique de Louvain and I am responsible of the Business Development at 3D-Side.

In my free time, I enjoy discovering new countries, landscapes and wildlife.

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An-Katrien Braeken

Surgical Application Engineer

I'm a biomedical engineer graduated from the KUL and I am working as surgical application engineer at 3D-Side.

In my free time, I love to read, to ski and to discover nature, especially forests.

Yves Houtmann

Software Engineer

I am a software engineer, PhD in computer science.


I am in charge of our inhouse software development within the ISO13485 norm guidelines.


Surbhi Upadhyay

Frontend Web Developer

I am a Software Engineer with a flair for web designing.
I work as a Frontend Web Developer at 3D-Side.

I love craft, sketching and dancing.

Kevan Waiengnier

Production Manager

I'm a control engineer graduated from ECAM and I work as production manager and designer for the cranial implant at 3D-Side.

I am passionate about cycling, climbing and ultimate frisbee.

Bastien Dos Santos

Web Developer

I'm an analyst-developer graduated from IPL. At 3D-Side, I'm working as a web developer.

In my free time, I enjoy squash and karting.

Johan Van Severen

Quality Manager

I’m a biomedical engineer graduated from the University of Liège and I’m working as Quality Manager at 3D-Side.

Passionate about Martial Arts, I’m practicing Ju-jutsu and Karate.

Alice Rouvez

Surgical Application Engineer

I am a biomedical engineer graduated from the UCL and I am working as surgical application engineer at 3D-Side.

I love to travel around the world, to discover new places and to meet new people.

Patrick Baras

Web Developer

Graduated as an electronics technologist, I gained by myself the knowledge necessary to handle all aspects of a project. At 3D-Side, I am working as a web developer.

I have a special interest in motorbike, 3D technology, electronics, Raspberry PI and Python coding.

Françoise Hosteaux

Business Development & Management Assistant

Translator by training, I joined 3D-Side to assume the position of Business Development & Management Assistant after a first rewarding experience in medical devices.

Multi-skilled and dedicated, it is highly important to me to have a good balance between work and private life, as well as doing sports (tennis, dancing, running).

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