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But who are these youngsters with different background? Let them introduce themselves with a joint interview.


Nicolas Lefebvre - Hi Kevan, just like you, I have started my career at 3D-Side a few days ago. So, you are the Medical 3D Printer Controller, what does that mean?


Kevan Waiengnier - Hey Nicolas! In fact, I manage the whole production of 3D-Side. We must manufacture the custom-made medical devices just in time; therefore, I closely monitor the planning! I am also in charge of the post-production, the post-treatment of surfaces, the logistics … When I prepare a batch to be printed; I make sure all pieces are well placed in the 3D printer. In addition to assure that the workflow is running smoothly, I am always looking for efficiency.

K. W. - What about you Nicolas?


N. L. - I am the Community Officer. It is a new position within the team, which involves online communication through our website, newsletters or social media. However, there is a less virtual aspect of my work being the media and public relations management, as well as the realization of brochures and marketing tools we can find in congresses that 3D-Side attends all over the world. Obviously, the purpose of this new role is to reinforce 3D-Side’s commercial relationships.


K. W. - I see you take care of the communication of the company. What was your background before coming here?


N. L. - I studied communications for 5 years. I started with a bachelor’s in information & communications. Then, I went forward and got a master’s degree in multilingual communication from the University of Liège. Thanks to my training, I have a sound understanding of corporate communication; I have developed a rather journalistic style, which is very useful today to create content for 3D-Side.

N. L. - And you Kevan, what brings you here?


K. W. - Ever since I was a child, I wanted to become an engineer. I studied industrial engineering at the ECAM in Brussels for 5 years. I got my degree -engineer in automatics - in June 2018. Since I have a deep interest in the biomedical field and really wanted to bring a touch of it in my education, I chose that topic for my internships and thesis. In partnership with one of the surgeons with whom 3D-Side is currently working, I had the opportunity to work on my thesis in a laboratory of the Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc, Brussels. The path to 3D-Side was all drawn!


N.L. - Your graduation is quite recent! What appeals you in the position of Medical 3D Printer Controller?


K. W. - That job has everything I wanted: pragmatic work with the printer and conceptual work with the continuous improvement of workflow for instance. The tasks are varied. In a few days, I am going to be in the operating theater to assist the medical team when they place the custom-made implant we designed. This motivates me a lot.

Then, I have to say that I enjoy working in a small structure. To me, about ten people is the ideal size.

Moreover, at the end of the day, knowing that the outcome of my work can be an asset on the patient’s quality of life makes the job very attractive.


N. L. - So, the perfect match!


K. W. - Exactly. And you, how come that you have joined 3D-Side?


N. L. - As soon as I saw the job opening, I decided to apply. It has everything I was looking for: a job allowing me to increase a company’s visibility towards the public and potential customers. Communication is crucial; whether it is on the internet, through different materials or events. The opportunity of being responsible for a company’s corporate image and playing an active role in the communication strategy motivates me a lot.

Given that my parents did scientific studies, I have always had an interest in the scientific and medical field. Finally, like you, I prefer working in small structures like 3D-Side. I appreciate the work atmosphere and the fact that we quickly receive responsibilities, which is the best way to reinforce your skills, in my opinion.

N. L. - Otherwise, how do you find your integration within 3D-Side?


K. W. - It is going very well, even though it is currently the holiday season and the workforce is a bit reduced. We will have to wait a little bit longer before having the complete team. With the upcoming move and the new office space we will get, it will be even better!


N. L. - I share this opinion. It is a nice team, very welcoming. We quickly feel integrated to the rest of the team; that bodes well for the future.


K. W. - Good, thank you for your time, Nico.


N. L. - Thank you Kevan, nice to meet you and I wish you a lot of success.


K. W. - Thank you!


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