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3D-Side assists surgeons by integrating 3D Technologies in the operating theater. One combines our engineering accuracy with medical expertise to individualize the surgical treatment of each patient.

Using 3D software, additive manufacturing technologies and strong knowledge of the surgical field, 3D-Side plans complex interventions and provides the surgeon with patient-specific instruments or custom implants to perform the surgery. These instruments will reliably transfer the pre-operative planning into the operation room, increasing health care quality as well as reducing the operating time.

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Great workshop in Liège!
Great workshop in Liège!

We are trying our custom-made mold in real conditions by being immersed in our VR world today in Liège!

VR is back!
VR is back!

This week, come and try our cranial product in real conditions during the neurosurgical workshop in CHU Liège! Ready to be immersed in our virtual reality operating room?

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